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Headshot: W. Anita Braha LLB, ICD.D

W. Anita Braha LLB, ICD.D

Chair, Vancity Community Investment Bank
Anita Braha is a strong and integrated leader who has successfully combined profit, proficiency, and social and environmental purpose. She has overseen and monitored triple-bottom-line strategic plans positioned for growth.
She is an experienced Chair and Director with large entities in a complex and regulated sector. She is the past Chair of a $30 billion-dollar financial institution, having an over $400 million budget. She Vice-Chaired a $14 billion Central Credit Union as well as a stabilization authority in British Columbia.
Ms. Braha has overseen the effective implementation of risk frameworks, which meet regulatory compliance requirements at both the provincial and federal levels.

She also has direct strategic and oversight experience overseeing ambitious strategic plans, successful IT conversion, large asset sale, and affiliate board restructuring.
She has excellent communication skills and strong relationships, including with system stakeholders and regulators and is an effective, considered, and analytical board leader with excellent reviews from peers and executives.