Sponsor-led Events 

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Sustainability on Board: The Top 5 Things Every Director Needs to Know 

JUNE 2, 2021
10:00am – 11:30am EDT


We have all had to accept transformational change this past year. One change that appears permanent is a board’s role in sustainability and climate change - what do you need to know as a corporate director?

In this interactive session hosted by CIBC, we will explore the top five things every director needs to know about the evolving complexities of the sustainability landscape and give you an overview of sustainable finance tools, buyside advice when an activist enters the picture, and the emerging trends and issues. Sustainability is the responsibility of the entire board of directors, and as a director, you should be driving the Environmental Social Governance agenda of your companies. 

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Cyber Game of Threats

June 2, 2021 
1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT


This exciting session, hosted by PwC, is an interactive cyber threat simulation that will test your critical cyber security decision making skills. You’ll learn the Top 10 things you should be asking management, and delve into some of the key threats that should be on your radar. 

Will you be a defender or an attacker in this realistic experience where both sides are required to make quick, high impact decisions with minimal information?

Following the simulation, we’ll discuss what we observed during the game to gain a better understanding of the steps board members need to take to better secure a company including topics such as governance, strategy and compliance.

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